The Top Reasons You Aren’t Getting Leads and Sales

Reasons you're not generating more leads and sales

Generating leads is a difficult process, as it involves revamping your marketing strategies regularly and constant market research.

Many sales and marketing leaders no longer use the strategy of adding salespeople in favor of demand generation engines because inbound leads indicate that the status quo may not be acceptable.

Many businesses have reinvented their marketing and sales processes, creating content every day or week to engage users.

The sales team will then contact the leads and set an appointment to close deals.

As for marketing executives, they can pitch on these leads, run their sales process, and close. 

It worked before the pandemic.

Today, decision-makers ignore these cold calls or even delete these messages.

They even go as far as declining meetings and unsubscribing.

Instead of changing the sales process, a business must align its marketing and sales to provide the best customer experience.

When you do this, you can gain loyalty from customers and clients. To address the issue, you need to start at the top—senior leadership—then trickling your way down. 

The Current Revenue Model Is Still Silo-Based Thinking

Sales and marketing alignment has been a major concern for most B2B organizations.

They only addressed the problems to change the tactics and projects for the two teams to work together.

Before the emergence of the internet, the marketing team’s mission was brand awareness. 

They used their time and budget to make ads showcasing the company’s culture and brand.

The sales team’s role was to get clients to invest in the business. Buyers can only learn about the products and services offered by salespersons. 

However, this isn’t the case today. Thanks to the Internet, buyers can check the website or pages for the products and services offered.

They will only talk to a salesperson when they are ready to strike a business deal or having trouble with the service. 

The Predictable Revenue Model shows a disconnect between sales and marketing, and it only changed departmental incentives.

Marketing teams work to generate more accounting leads.

However, they don’t think about the quality of leads and just hand it over to the sales team. 

For them, they are incentivized by the number of leads they generated. The sales team is incentivized to set appointments. The disconnect between the two teams shows that it is a silos problem. 

The Solution Is to Change the Incentives 

Instead of using the processes and fixing only the structure of sales and marketing operations, you need to create a new way of giving incentives.

As much as we love repeatable processes, it doesn’t always work—especially when circumstances change.

Each buying process is different, so you need to reinvent a process that works well. 

You can compensate sales and marketing teams based on the overall revenue targets instead of accounting lead generation or sales quotas.

Another way is to produce content that works around buyer education and not lead conversion.

Lastly, engage your teams into working collaboratively.


Aligning sales and marketing teams is important to the success of your business.

You need to incentivize them properly, but it should be based on overall revenue targets instead of individual targets.

By aligning your teams, you can offer better customer service and generate sales.

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