Cold Email LinkedIn

The Cold Email Survey Play

This strategy is great for SaaS, agency, B2B.

Note: you can do this in LinkedIn as well – InMails would work amazingly.

Strategy Overview

  1. Scrape Leads from LinkedIn
    Downloaded a list of our target market from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  2. Low-Intensity, Icebreaker Email Copy
    Very short, friendly email inviting them to take a survey about [their industry]’s relationship to an issue (basically our value proposition). Included links in the sender signature only.
  3. Interactive Qualifying Quiz Funnel
    Worked with both Landbot and Typeform. Acts a survey and qualification form to see if the prospect was the right fit. Used Integromat to automate the funnel.

Email Script

Hi [first name],

I’m trying to get more insight into [their industry], came across your profile on LinkedIn, and immediately knew you were an expert.

Would you spend 2 minutes filling out a quick survey about the challenges of bringing in new customers in the [their industry] industry: LINK

[your name]
[your business address]

P.S. Really appreciate your time – LINK


  • Click Rate: 51%
  • Reply Rate: 34%
  • Form Completions: 70%
  • Marketing Qualified Leads: 15%

Pro tip: You can automate this entire process using GrowthBoost.

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Set up cross channel outreach campaigns across LinkedIn & Cold Email.

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