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Grow Your Pipeline With These Outbound Lead Generation Strategies

Outbound Lead Generation Strategies

At first, having all sorts of customers arrive at your website ready to buy can sound like a dream. After all, what business wouldn’t want to make good sales?

The only problem with this is that there’s no control over who those customers are, which poses a problem, especially if you’re looking to move upmarket or pivot your offerings.

You wouldn’t want your past SEO efforts to go to waste by attracting people other than your ideal customer type.

B2B lead generation can help by using outbound marketing, which allows you to choose your ideal customers and then contact them directly.

This method can significantly help your company with growth, especially with the help of a reputable lead generation company.

Here’s everything you need to know about the strategies and how you can grow your business:

All About Outbound Lead Generation

The process of focusing your marketing on strategies that include approaching your ideal customer is what is referred to as outbound lead generation.

Rather than attracting customers to approach your businesses (inbound marketing), you work in the opposite direction.

While it might seem a little intimidating to pitch your industrial business solutions to people, it’s worth doing because you can position yourself as the perfect fit in front of a potential customer.

Decision-makers usually spend plenty of time looking for the right solutions, and it’s the vendors that approached them directly with a solid proposal that ends up being seriously considered.

Here are some B2B lead generation services that you can take advantage of for the most effective outbound strategies in industrial lead generation.

1. Personalized Cold Emails

Whether or not you believe in cold emails, the numbers show that they are still effective.

You can get an open rate of almost 50% if you make emails to key decision-makers that are relevant enough.

Of the strategies on and off this list, cold emails should be one of the first you should consider as it is easy to start, and the ROI can be significant.

Just ensure that your email list is relevant to your offer and personalize them to be more genuine; this way, you’re likely to see results.

Pro tip: Use AI to personalize each email or LinkedIn message to each prospect – boost reply rates by 20%

2. Cold Calling

If you’re utilizing cold emails, then you may as well take advantage of cold calling too.

Many marketers may refrain from engaging in cold calls due to its reputation as a repellent for buyers, but it can be extremely effective when done well.

Having a polished yet natural-flowing script and contacting the right decision-makers is the key to success.

Rather than focusing on the number of calls you want to make, dial down on the quality of the phone numbers you collect.

Highly qualified leads you’ve screened for relevance will typically lead to easier rapport-building where you can learn about their pain points and the solutions you can offer to help.

3. LinkedIn Automation Networking

LinkedIn is a great starting point for generating leads since it’s the platform that B2B decision-makers frequent.

Using it correctly will allow you to network successfully, but you need a strategy to avoid scrolling on social media all day.

There are automation tools that allow you to send detailed analytics of your prospects’ engagements with your brand, sending introductory and follow-up messages, and sending automatic connection requests to potential customers.

It’s a good approach to build rapport with prospects using your LinkedIn presence first before sending the most engaged and interested ones an email.

This platform is an excellent one to leverage since it provides you with the tools for a strong outbound lead generation strategy while building on your brand as well.


This list is by no means exhaustive, but it gets you started with some of the most effective outbound lead generation strategies.

Whether you choose to do cold calls and emails, market on LinkedIn, or all three, the way to establish and continue a successful marketing campaign is to get more personal and be data-driven.

Knowing these strategies are the keys to success are only half the battle; having a reputable lead generation service to work with will take you the rest of the way through.

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