3 Considerations When Refreshing Your LinkedIn Lead Gen Strategy

LinkedIn lead gen tips

Here’s a rude awakening that you didn’t know you needed: it’s time to change the way you use LinkedIn because your current approach probably isn’t working as well as expected.

Their new connection request limits add another roadblock. You can’t send as much volume of outreach as you used to without getting throttled.

It’s time to rethink how you use LinkedIn and get creative with ways to bring prospects into your sales funnel.

Let’s talk about some ways to do just that…

A Common Dilemma

Although it has been long-established that LinkedIn is a critical tool that any business should invest in to generate leads and sales, the fact is most users are using 2018 strategies that don’t work anymore.

While the platform itself has more than 100 million active daily users (40% of them holding decision-making roles), it is still possible to miss the mark on maximizing your opportunities.

It’s time to reassess everything you thought you knew about LinkedIn lead generation and rebuild your strategy to focus on:

  • Being more selective with your outreach
  • Offering a lead magnet to bring interested prospects into your funnel
  • Optimizing your profile so you build trust immediately
  • Posting valuable content that brings in organic leads

How Can You Rework Everything for Success?

Now that you’ve acknowledged the fact that your LinkedIn lead gen strategy needs a bit of work, you’re likely wondering about what should be done to make it convert.

It’s simple, but not easy. But with the right effort and reflection on your expertise, I’m confident these tips will help you take the next steps.

Tip #1: Constantly Optimize Your Profile

An optimized profile seems like it wouldn’t move the needle, but we need to back up and look at what a LinkedIn profile means in 2021 and beyond.

It functions more like a landing page than a social media profile.

When you reach out to prospects, it’s the first thing they check and what they base their initial impressions on.

You want to come off as:

  • Professional
  • An influencer in your space
  • Results oriented
  • Having social proof that your’e good at what you do

Pro tip: I highly recommend reading and implementing this guide to optimize your LinkedIn profile. There’s some ideas and concepts you won’t find anywhere else.

The great thing, is that you can more than double your acceptance rate on your connection requests by making a few simple tweaks.

Most important is to take action now and consistently work to improve your profile over time – your revenue numbers reflect it.

Tip #2: Use Lead Magnets When Posting on LinkedIn

If you want to find success on LinkedIn, you must keep in mind that nothing generates leads more than a targeted audience and a valuable lead magnet.

Lead magnets are a must-use for any business owner looking to improve their LinkedIn lead gen efforts because they bring prospects into your funnel and convert them to leads automatically.

Through materials like videos, infographics, and PDF’s, you’ll be able to get more opportunities and engagements on LinkedIn because users are always after value and to solve their problems.

If you can show you solve that problem, and how you do it – a large percentage of them will want to rely on your expertise.

Pro tip: Nothing beats the VSL (video sales letter) as a lead magnet. Go through your process, show them how you solve their problem, then sell your services as a shortcut at the end of the video with the option to click a button to book a call.

Tip #3: Use the Power of Groups

When it comes to attracting opportunities for leads that are easy to reach and engage with, nothing is better or faster than using LinkedIn groups to your advantage.

Although groups have been around on LinkedIn’s ecosystem for a while now, very few businesses realize just how useful they are for LinkedIn lead gen because they’re pools of opportunities just waiting for you to utilize.

Posting in groups isn’t very effective (they’re mostly full of SPAM and zero value posts), but using them as a way of prospecting works great.

You can filter down your prospect lists by only including people in certain groups, then use that as common ground.

Also, there are many groups centered around trade shows and events, which give you even better common ground. Think: “Did you attend X event this year?”.

Now you’re speaking your prospect’s language and engaging in a meaningful way.

Pro tip: Sales Navigator allows you to find prospects that are a part of specific groups.

Tip #3: Post Valuable Conent

Using valuable content as an organic LinkedIn lead gen strategy is often overlooked and underutilized by most professionals.

Just remember that you need to:

  • Make sure the content is truly valuable to your ideal client
  • Post consistently

Consistency is the true key to generating organic, inbound leads with LinkedIn. It’s a compound interest game that can pay off enormously.

To post consistently, I highly recommend using some kind of automation. This will save time and make sure you keep posting. Load it up with content every week, two weeks, or month and let it go!

There are so many tools out there to automate posting (so you don’t have to live in LinkedIn all the time). I recommend ContentStudio.


With the advent of LinkedIn as one of the Internet’s most powerful networks for B2B lead generation, it’s critical you stay up to date with the changing landscape post-2020.

It’s a new world out there and you need to focus on less SPAM and more meaningful connections and relationships that can turn into revenue and growth.

So dust off your LinkedIn profile, use the resources we’ve provided and grow your business with fresh LinkedIn lead gen strategies.

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