Set Up Your Cold Email System the Right Way

1: Process Explanation

Before running cold email campaigns, we need to set up a mirror domain, create an email account with Google Workspace, customize the profile to make it look authentic, and begin the email warmup process so we don’t hit the SPAM folder.

2: Step-By-Step Process

  1. Buy mirror domain
    1. Google Domains
    2. Enter Client Domain into search
    3. Choose “All Endings”
    4. Pick a domain that’s $10-$12
  2. Set up Google Workspace for Gmail
    1. Check the add-on for Google Workspace
    2. Choose Business Starter at $6 /m
    3. Fill out the info for the email account
    4. Go to Email and make sure DNS records are added
    5. Check the backup email (your email)
    6. Click the sign in button, enter the info, and use your temporary password
    7. Change the password and save it to Bitwarden
  3. Customize Gmail Profile
    1. Go to and login with the new credentials
    2. Go to Users
    3. Open the new User
    4. Open and search for the client’s profile picture
    5. Open the pic, Right Click and Save Image As…
    6. Go back to
    7. Click the blank profile pic and upload the client’s profile pic
  4. Subscribe to Newsletters
    1. Sign up for newsletters that send daily
    • Newsletters to sign up to
  5. Begin Warmup
    1. Go to
    2. Sign in with the new account
    3. Confirm

3: Video Guide

4: Resources

Google Domains – Register Your Domain Name – Google Domains

Start here to warm-up your email address