Alternate Ways to Prospect

Use ProspectingToolkit

  1. Install the Chrome Extension

2a. Extract Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you don’t have Sales Navigator quite yet, scroll down, we’ve got you covered.

However, using LinkedIn Sales Navigator you’ll get much more accurate lists that fit your exact ICP. It’s well worth the money in my opinion.

At this point, you’ll want to fire up ProspectingToolkit.

Make sure you have the Chrome Extension installed, and head to Prospecting Tools > My Lists.

Create a new list.

Once you have your list created and your Chrome Extension is showing up properly, head over to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Start adding your search filters to find your exact ICP.

Once you have your first list all ready to go, simply click the Emails Extractor button in the bottom left corner, and click “Extract Emails From This Search”.

It will go page by page finding every valid email possible for your prospect list.

To export as a CSV or import into your campaigns, go back to Prospecting Tools > My Lists in ProspectingToolkit, and you’ll see the list filled up with valid email addresses.

2b. Data Enrichment Tool

If you don’t have access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator yet, you can easily use our database of 15 million+ businesses to build your list.

It’s not as precise, but it is a great way to build a large list to start running tests on!

Watch this video for more info:

  1. Email Verification / Cleaning

Go up to your profile pic and drop down the menu in the right corner and select “Email Validation”.

This will open up our partners at EmailListVerify.

Upload your newly exported list from ProspectingToolkit and upload it to EmailListVerify, once it’s done, choose Download CSV and Safe to Send.