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Acquire the right B2B customers with less effort & more data experiments using our all-in-one LeadMachine® system.


Recent wins for our clients
LeadMachine® System
Human genius meets AI efficiency.
Done-for-you service always included.
Introduction & Targets
Meet your account manager and establish TARGETS. Target prospects & target goals. This call ensures clear goals & expectations.
Dashboard & Onboarding
Upon logging in, you'll answer some simple questions that will allow our algorithms to analyze & understand your ideal customer.
Campaign Review
Review your campaigns & let us know if you need any changes. We're ready to launch when you are.
Hot Leads in Your CRM
In as little as one day after launching your campaign, you will begin to receive hot leads & ad conversions in your inbox and CRM.
We handle all lead generation, you close deals.
Month-to-month, no contracts.
5+ Modules = 10% discount.
The Results
Never worry about leads again.
Sales reps spend time selling, not researching.
Leadership can focus on higher value activities.
Create demand and brand awareness.
Direct feedback that guides the development of your sales playbook.
Improves your branding + marketing with real sales insights.
Identify your highest value market segments.
The Proof
"Loving all of the leads!! Already thinking about more niches..."
Jeremy Gillespie
Built to Scale
"You did your homework on the front end so I don't have to wade through bad leads"
Garrett Gray
"We're booked until next year... thank you guys for all that you do."
David Zasloff
Weldlogic Inc.
"Thank you. Happy with how UK has gone, it's always going to be tougher."
Paul Foster
"The team at GrowthBoost is skilled, accommodating, and transparent."
Katie Hedrick
Colorado Tech Shop
"Hugely valuable. Copywriting is brilliant and getting a lot of responses."
Bruce Eastman
What is a "Lead"?
Prospect = companies and individuals that fit your ideal customer criteria, that you have not contacted yet.

Lead = a decision maker, stakeholder, or deal champion who showed positive interest in your product or service.

Opportunity = a Lead that has been qualified by an email, text, or phone call - they meet your qualification criteria and are in-market.
Is this a software or a service?
We offer a complete service. We built our software platform to give Clients a better experience when using our service.

We handle EVERYTHING related to lead generation: strategy, list building, data collection, research, copywriting, ad creatives, execution, and constant data testing & optimization - all based on hundreds of successful campaigns.
How long does it take to start getting leads?
Onboarding & Setup generally takes 5 days or less.

Once the campaign is approved & launched, it depends, but most of our Clients start getting leads within 24-48 hours.
What if I need to make changes or ask questions?
You'll be assigned an expert Dedicated Account Manager to handle your account. He or she will be your point person throughout our partnership.

He or she will check in weekly to answer any questions, make any updates, schedule a call, and/or suggest great ways for you to get more value from our service.
What sets you apart from the ocean of other "lead generation" companies?
First off, "lead generation" can mean many things including call centers, telemarketing companies, SEO companies, and more. They generally overpromise & underdeliver.

We stand out from these companies in several ways:

1. We spent years testing and combined the best B2B lead & demand generation channels into one system: Email Outreach, Social Outreach, PPC Ads, and Retargeting Ads.

2. Our LeadMachine® Data Dashboard provides full transparency into every aspect of your campaigns.

3. We know what works after working with hundreds of innovative B2B companies across 20+ niches over the last 5 years.

4. Our AI-powered prospecting engine uses a unique mix of algorithmic attribution models which continuously improve conversion rates and lead quality to ensure success.

5. Your dedicated account manager is a true lead generation expert with years of experience, which you can speak to on the phone, chat, and email.

Plus, we only work with companies that are customer-focused and have a strong unique value proposition. This isn't a service, this is a partnership.
What sets you apart from data companies like ZoomInfo or Dun & Bradstreet?
1. Complete Service is always included, meaning: we do everything for you. Your campaigns can remain consistent, be scaled up gradually, or stacked quickly depending on your growth needs.

2. Though we recommend a 60-day proof of concept, we work month-to-month under our terms & conditions. If you're not satisfied, you can cancel at the end of the month. We do not lock you into a long-term contract.

3. Our platform (and data) is always evolving. Our AI is constantly learning to find hidden qualities your best ideal customers have in common and continue to improve targeting overall.

4. Data companies, many times, have outdated data and very high annual fees. This approach also requires you to pay for extra software, hiring, training, and the TRIAL & ERROR of building a lead generation/marketing system in-house

You can shortcut the entire process with a proven system like LeadMachine®.
How do I know this is worth the investment?
Before signing you up, we will have calculated key performance indicator (KPI) targets, to ensure we have clear goals to pursue.

We value integrity & accountability above all else, and we only take on clients that we can see a clear path to ROI for.

We fight uncertainty with "commander's intent". Our system is airtight after hundreds of campaigns. We refuse to fail.
How do I get started?
We recommend starting with 1-2 modules, evaluating, then scaling up from there.

We offer 2 Starter Plans that work great as a starting point for most businesses.

If you're a larger organization, you can get 1-2 sales reps started on a 60-day proof of concept, then roll it out to the rest of your sales reps.
Acquire B2B customers with less effort and more data experiments with our all-in-one LeadMachine® system.


Acquire B2B customers with less effort and more data experiments with our proven LeadMachine® system.