Do you want to target Twitter Ads directly to engaged followers?


I've found a way to hijack Twitter influencer's exact, engaged followers and serve ads directly to them.

Imagine… There’s a leader in your space on Twitter with 50,000 engaged followers and you have a product, service, or email newsletter that you know they’ll love… You just need to get in front of them with your offer…

How do I get in front of them?

Now, Twitter Ads does have a “follower lookalike” targeting option, why not use that?

Because it’s powered by their algorithm and you’re not *100% sure* you’re targeting the exact followers of the influencer’s accounts.

It’s also been proven that ~20%+ of clicks from a standard ad campaign are fraudulent. Meaning, they’re not your target audience and most likely will never buy from you.

So how is this method different?

✅ You are going to literally extract every follower from your targeted influencer account(s). 
✅ You are going to serve ads directly to each of those followers
✅ You are going to retarget the followers that engage with your ads across 95% of the internet (Bonus)
✅ You will get 25 Tips to grow your Twitter account organically (Bonus)

Plus, you have lookalike audiences you can build from your custom lists, the ability to test multiple creatives to see what resonates and more.

I’ll also be showing you how to use the traffic you generate to retarget these targeted prospects across 95% of the internet for pennies on the dollar (powerful).

The value

If you want to:

✅ Hijack engaged followers from large Twitter accounts
✅ Get your offers in front of an engaged, niche audience
✅ Save money on irrelevant clicks coming from Twitter’s ads platform
✅ Basically run 2021-style Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns across one of the largest social networks and beyond

The guarantee

You will get ROI from this course. 

If you follow instructions, implement, and get creative and do not see your email list grow or your product/service selling 60 days in, you will get 100% of your money back. If you find this doesn’t apply to your business, reach out to me. I want your feedback.

I’m very responsive on my Twitter @growth_obsessed (DM’s are open), so feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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Get detailed instructions on how to growth hack Twitter ads and target highly engaged niche audiences.


Who does this work best for?

The strategy in this course will work best for people and businesses selling info products, selling software, selling services, and looking to build their email newsletter list (to later sell products/services via email). 

How much will I have to pay in ads?

You can set your budget. I recommend starting with $10/day minimum. You can also spend more for a shorter amount of time to test. The best results come from consistent action.

Why Twitter?

There’s a new breed of influencer popping up on Twitter and a very engaged audience. People go to Twitter to see the latest news and follow their favorite people. This is a huge opportunity to get in front of a highly engaged, niche audience.

Smart people are loving this


Get instant access

Get detailed instructions on how to growth hack Twitter ads and target highly engaged niche audiences.