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Don’t Cold Email Without Knowing This…

dont cold email without knowing this

Most business & sales professionals aren’t getting anywhere with cold email because they’re missing this one extremely important factor.

A little background. I know the headline is sensational, but you’ll thank me later.

Let’s face it: most folks using cold email to generate new business are using any shortcuts or “hacks” that they can to get replies.

I’ve seen the fake “Re:”, the guilt-driven first line, the fake compliment when you haven’t checked anything about them before – it’s all bad.

The fact is, there’s one huge thing, especially when emailing mid-market or enterprise sized business, that will ENSURE you get NO results from your cold emails.

Ready for it?

The One Thing You Need to Know: Do Not Include Any Links in Your Cold Emails

no links in cold emails

The above is what your mid-market to enterprise cold email prospects see when you cold email them.

Not good.

This is why most cold email campaigns fail (horribly I might add). They try to use every shortcut in the book, except for genuine business value.

By including links in your cold emails, your making sure you won’t get in the inboxes of a huge percentage of your potential customers.

The trick?

Don’t include links!

No, not even in the signature.

Let me explain the logic:

Why You Should Never Include Links in Your Cold Emails

Mid-market to enterprise (and even smaller businesses) are on high alert when it comes to cybersecurity.

Their top priority is to protect their employees and make sure their email is clean so the company’s communication is strong.

They may even have IT or cybersecurity departments using firewalls and other software to block potential threats.

What is your unsolicited cold email to an employee or decision maker’s inbox with links in it? A THREAT.

They’ll never click the links anyway, so it’s just another trick to try to sell within an email (never a good idea).

Also, get this: 98% of your prospects who DO receive and read your email will manually copy+paste your email domain into their browser.

That’s a huge statistic, but I’ve seen it first hand. They do this. I do this. Everyone does this.

So by not including links, you’re actually increasing the chances your email will get read, “clicked”, and responded to, even if you’re emailing large organizations with enormous firewalls.

When To Include Links

Now, this isn’t to say that links in emails are bad all the time.

After your prospect responds to you positively (aka becomes a “lead”) – you can send them anything you want!

PDF’s, links, videos, images – you name it.

Once they’ve responded, they’ve essentially “opted in”, which means they want to hear more. They want your emails and have raised their hand to show you.

This is the time to send your links and engage them.

Also, if you’re prospecting for more independent business people, for example agencies or consultants, links aren’t the end of the world and won’t hurt your deliverability that much.

Bottom Line

It’s so easy to take the latest tech or “hack” and think it’s going to get people flooding in.

The fact is, generally it’s the opposite.

Especially with cybersecurity concerns at an all-time high, it pays to be strategic and thoughtful about how you cold email.’

People will disagree with this sentiment, I guarantee.

Listen to them at your own risk.

We haven’t included a link in a cold email in over 5 years and we consistently get a minimum 8% reply rate, and generate warm leads for our clients that actually close.

Most of those emails wouldn’t have even seen the light of day if we had included links.

Empirical data beats the latest trend every time. Take note.

Try GrowthBoost.

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