Simple, Effective Lead Generation.

GrowthBoost is the #1 outsourced lead generation team for innovative technology companies.

Recent wins for our clients

Step 1: Key Performance Indicators

Discuss how many leads you need to fill your sales pipeline.
Calculate key metrics that we can use to measure the success of our campaign.
Run tests and optimize the account constantly to hit our targets.
Step II: LeadMachine® System
Adaptable to the size and needs of your business.
Every campaign starts with a unique strategy for your business.
Our AI + human team builds 100% accurate prospecting lists of your ideal customers.
Email & LinkedIn
We reach out to your prospect with 1-1 emails & messages looking to start a sales conversation.
Search & Display Ads
We advertise on select channels to capture & create demand, leading to highly qualified lead flow.
Visitor Identification
With our channel partners, we can identify any user that visits your website and contact them directly.
New Lead in CRM
Leads get added to your CRM system, so your team can follow up & qualify.
Focused Business Growth
The result: a predictable sales pipeline of leads, so you can focus on selling & growing your business.
LeadMachine® Dashboard Tour
Step III: The Value
Never worry about getting leads again.
Create demand and brand awareness in your industry.
Focus on closing sales & developing your business.
Get direct feedback to perfect the sales process.
Improve your branding & marketing with real sales insights.
"Loving all of the leads!! Already thinking about more niches..."
Jeremy Gillespie
Built to Scale
"You did your homework on the front end so I don't have to wade through bad leads"
Garrett Gray
"We're booked until next year... thank you guys for all that you do."
David Zasloff
What is a "Lead"?
Prospect = someone that looks like a fit for what you offer.

Lead = someone who showed positive interest in your product, service, or offer.

Opportunity = a lead that has been qualified by an email, text, or phone call - they meet your qualification criteria.
How long does it take to start getting leads?
After Kickoff, we can launch your campaigns within 5 days.
What sets you apart from the sea of "lead generation" companies?
1. We bring our clients transparency and interactivity via our LeadMachine® Data Dashboard.

2. We know what works after working with hundreds of tech companies like yours.

That, and we only work with companies that are customer-focused and have a strong unique value proposition. This isn't a service, this is a partnership.

We battle uncertainty with "commander's intent". We will perform. Our process is airtight. We cannot fail.
How do I know this is worth the investment?
We value integrity & accountability above all else, and we only take on clients we know we can perform for.

Communication is the foundation - we built a custom data dashboard and use Slack / Telegram / WhatsApp, etc, so we all feel like we're in the same office.
See if we're a fit for your company
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