Are you using (or thinking of using) LinkedIn or Cold Email outreach to generate leads?


I found a way for my team and I to save 10 hours or more per week in our agency, using AI tools.

These AI tools literally replace people. But, this is the great news for my agency: we’re more scalable and agile than ever before.

The facts...

Cold Email & LinkedIn Outreach WORKS.

With the right offer to the right market & proven sales strategies – cold outreach can make you an extra $10,000+ in a flash. 

Here’s what I’ve sold with cold email/LinkedIn:

– Web Design
– FB Ads Management
– Google Ads Management
– Record Label Distribution
– Manufacturing

I’ve been hustling for a long time man…

But I know what you’re thinking…

– It takes so much time!
– It’s too much work to scale!
– Personalizing emails is hard!
– Hiring VA’s is annoying!

All that effort keeps you away from the things that really matter…

Attracting & nurturing leads so you can close more deals!

Corny alert:


Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI)…

Yeah it’s the hot new buzzword of 2021,

But besides being “hot”, it will handle:

– Research
– Personalization
– Creativity
– Simplifying Complex Offers
– Adding Humor
– Creating A/B/C/D Tests, FAST

For you… with very little input from you.

If you’re a sales rep, entrepreneur, or business owner…

This will save you at least 5 hours per week and make your life way easier.

If you’re an agency providing cold outreach lead generation to your clients…

Oh man…

This will save you 15+ hours per week!

And not only that…

> It’ll make a mediocre copywriter into an endlessly creative sales wordsmith.

> It’ll remove the need to hire “personalized first line” freelancers or agencies.

Basically AI in your cold outreach process will:

✅ Remove the need to hire VA’s, train, fire, re-hire, etc. etc. 
✅ Make anyone a pro copywriter
✅ Personalize each email to each prospect to boost reply rates and enthusiasm
✅ Allow you to test multiple variations of copy & subject lines quickly
✅ Scale a hyper-personalized cold outreach approach TODAY


If you’re new to cold outreach, we cover:

✅ The 9 commandments of cold email
✅ LinkedIn-specific features and tactics that WILL enable you to book more sales meetings
✅ The proven formula to get replies to your cold emails and LinkedIn messages
✅ The secret to entering new niches and industries even if you have zero experience
✅ The psychology behind great cold outreach messages and why they work so well
✅ Actionable strategies that you can start using TODAY to boost your lead gen results


Whether you’re a newbie, looking to generate leads for your business in a cost-effective, scalable way…

Or a seasoned veteran, looking to boost results, automate more, save sh*tloads of time, and make more money…

The Value

If you want to:

✅ Stop obsessing and spending 1+ hour crafting each cold email you send
✅ Stop wasting money on VA’s and teams that research & personalize each email manually
✅ Be 100% confident that every prospect you’ve scraped has the possibility of enthusiastically replying to your cold outreach
✅ Close new clients like clockwork every month

The Guarantee

You will get ROI from this course. 

If you follow instructions, implement, and get creative and do not save HOURS per week 60 days in, you will get 100% of your money back. If you find this doesn’t apply to your business, I will refund your money.

I’m very responsive on my Twitter @growth_obsessed, so feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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We’ll go through everything we did to add AI to out workflow and save buckets of money and precious time.


How much will I have to pay in software?

New update: pay less than $100 lifetime for the AI tech. Expect to pay around $80+ per month for the AI component. Again, this will replace 2+ employees/freelancers/VA’s. It’s also more scalable and faster than humans could ever hope to be.

What is AI & why AI?

AI stands for artificial intelligence, the most promising new technology on Earth at the moment along with machine learning. It can research info from your prospects’ LinkedIn profile/website, write creative copy, synthesize a complex offer/value proposition into one sentence, add wittiness or humor, create multiple variations of the same input for testing, expound upon complex topics, and overall be your 2nd brain when it comes to executing cold outreach strategies.

Smart people are loving this


Get instant access

We’ll go through everything we did to add AI to out workflow and save buckets of money and precious time.