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Crafting Cold Emails That Get Results

Cold emails that work

Sending cold emails is a very effective way to drive leads and customers, but how do you make sure you’re sending the right message?

Truth is, many people HATE cold email.

They refer to it as “SPAM” and condemn the brave sales reps that use the technique.

The truth is, it’s not cold email’s fault that there’s a stigma – most people write horrible cold emails that, instead of attracting and intriguing, bore and annoy.

So, the question is: how do I write cold emails that generate positive responses from the right prospects?

It’s really not rocket science, but there are some very simple principles you NEED to know if you’re going to send cold emails that actually grow your business.

Let’s get into the 3 principles that will take your lead generation to new heights:

Tips for Cold Emails That Get Results

1. Target the Right Audience

As with anything connected to marketing, understanding and targeting the right audience is key to success.

If you rely on other tactics to reach your target, such as spontaneously just emailing people from an old client list, you’ll never be receiving results.

The success of cold emailing relies heavily on the type of person you wish to reach out to.

In other words, they need to be someone who will benefit from your product.

They also need to be a decision-maker, one who will be willing to engage in business propositions with you.

If you’re reaching out to businesses, contact the owner or the right point person directly. If you’re unsure as to who to target, it’s best to label your email body accordingly.

Ask them to lead you to the person in charge, as this increases your chances of reaching the decision maker.

2. Keep Emails SHORT

People’s attention spans are at an all-time low. They can barely remember what happened 3 minutes ago.

You need to make sure your email is short and to the point, and invites an introduction or discovery meeting, rather than “selling through email” (which never works).

The rules here are:
1. 3 paragraphs maximum
2. No links in the email (!)
3. Include a qualifying question to start adding value
4. Simple signature with business’ physical address to be CAN-SPAM compliant

Remember, you’re not selling (that would be illegal!).

You’re opening a conversation, starting a relationship, where it could be mutually beneficial to do business together.

3. Use the QAD Method

Question, Answer, Discussion.

Start by identifying what you don’t know about your prospect, that would make them fit your ideal client profile.

Personalize the message and ask your key question.

When they answer, add value to their immediate situation. If it makes sense, book a meeting to talk.

The Bottom Line

Cold emailing is never an easy task—it’s an investment that requires patience, skill, and determination, with little doses of technological tools.

You’ll also need to put in the effort of creating compelling content, as well as analyze your prospects properly.

When done right, you’ll be able to generate results you never thought possible—the only thing left to do now is to begin!

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