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How to Boost Your B2B Lead Generation with Cold Emails

B2B lead generation with cold email

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leads from well-established businesses.

But email campaigns aren’t as simple as writing a nice letter, signing it, and sending it out to hundreds of email addresses.

You have to take note of the little details to make sure your efforts don’t go to waste.

Here are some tips to help you create more compelling emails:

The Structure of an Effective Email Template

Subject Line: The First Line of Defense

Your subject line may be short, but it is an essential part of your email campaign. This one-liner walks the fine line; it can either push the recipient to open the email or send it directly to the spam folder. Here are some dos and don’ts of writing a good subject line:

  • Do: Keep it short and simple.
  • Don’t: Leave it blank
  • Do: Make it interesting and compelling.
  • Don’t: Make it sound too clickbait-y.
  • Do: Add some urgency.
  • Don’t: Put everything in ALL CAPS.

How to Write an Engaging Email Body

Personalized Tone and Greetings

If it looks automated, your leads won’t hesitate to mark it as spam.

Addressing them as “Ma’am/Sir” or “To whom it may concern” is incredibly inappropriate, especially since they are business owners and potential clients.

You need to address them properly, by name or their company’s name, and greet them with something less cliche.

Instead of hoping the email finds them well or asking how they’re doing, greet them with something relevant.

Less about You, More about Them

Instead of selling yourself on every turn, try writing to address their needs rather than your need to find a new client.

Flatter them a little.

Compliment their business’s progress.

Tell them you admire their work.

Cite some specific examples.

Use the art of persuasion.

Don’t assume, ask questions.

Get Straight to the Point

Don’t wait too long for them to figure out what your email is all about.

From the first paragraph, they should know why you sent them an email. Any extra information can go to the very end.

Remember, this is an email.

The businesses you’re messaging barely have a minute to read everything.

So squeeze the important information into something that people can go through in seconds.

Include a CTA (Call to Action)

Let your prospects know how they can reach you.

After all, they need to know the next step in the process, especially if the goal is to collaborate with you.

I love using a qualifying question as the CTA, so you can stop assuming – instead you’ll know their situation and can add value.

Always Express Gratitude

As part of letter writing and email etiquette, it is always important to close with an expression of gratitude.

A simple thank you will do in most cases.


Every email you send reflects your company, so you have to be careful about the way you phrase things.

Remember that the chances of your email being opened are very slim, let alone being read.

Take every detail into consideration and make sure it’s something you won’t mind receiving in your inbox.

When you pay attention to these things, the higher your chances of getting good results from cold emails.

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