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Your B2B List: Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

B2B List Common Mistakes

B2B prospecting for tech companies such as cybersecurity firms is a process that requires persistence and being familiar with slow yet steady progress.

However, with just a handful of conversions from dozens or hundreds of leads, you might start to feel frustrated that you are barely converting enough into clients.

Your strategy could be well planned and executed, but if your prospect list itself is the problem, then reaching your revenue goals will always have an obstacle hindering your business’ growth.

Here are some common mistakes in cybersecurity lead generation to watch out for and how to fix them:

Purchasing Your Lead Generation List From a Vendor

Buying or renting extensive lists from a vendor to aid in your B2B prospecting may seem like a good idea, but there are no assurances that the data you purchase is worth much until you have already bought it.

Third-party lists will often include plenty of companies that have already gone out of business.

Data lists from vendors are also sold to whoever can pay for them, resulting in contacts being bombarded with solicitations and making them less likely to respond.

Some vendors try to mitigate this by guaranteeing a certain percentage of the information they sell as accurate. However, using stale lists will only waste your time, and it’s better to spend your resources building your own list to ensure 100% accuracy.

Your Research Is Lacking

Before committing to a B2B lead generation campaign, understand your audience’s different elements: who, what, and where.

Ask yourself who your ideal clients are and what issues they’re experiencing in their businesses that you can provide solutions for.

Determine where they usually go for help when it comes to their business issues and where they spend time outside of work.

This is called creating the buyer persona, which is a way to understand your client company’s motivations and context.

If you cannot say with some level of certainty that your buyer wants or needs your products and services, then it’s useless to assume that pursuing these cybersecurity companies is worth your time.

It’s better to use that time and energy on companies that can afford your offers and are willing to move forward.

You’re Reaching Non-Decision Makers

When calling any company, you need to ensure that you’re contacting individuals who have buying decisions and power.

If your B2B prospect list only has generic email addresses such as “,” then you can almost be certain that you won’t reach someone who can decide to purchase your products and services.

Toss the list you have if this is the case and generate a higher quality one.

It may be a lot of work, but performing manual searches can get you much farther in some cases than others.

Checking potential connections on other sources like LinkedIn is extremely valuable.

Sometimes, tech company leaders will opt not to put their contact information to prevent being bombarded with queries.

You can sometimes guess their email addresses using the names you found to initiate contact.

Such information can be added to your database along with company information, such as the number of employees and annual revenue.

Prospects Are Easily Accessible

Prospect lists that are easily accessible to anybody online will just result in more competition, rendering any stellar strategy you had in place useless.

If other marketers are contacting your leads, then it makes it more difficult to secure valuable prospects.

A factor like this is well outside of your control; after all, you can’t change what companies do and don’t share online for their contact details.

The key is to continue pursuing companies that make it difficult to find their staff’s names, contact numbers, and email addresses.

The research and effort it requires will certainly pay off in the long run.


Businesses make many mistakes when generating their B2B prospect list, one of which is relying on vendors who sell useless and dated information.

By understanding the value of creating a high-quality prospects list, you can ensure that every call and touchpoint matters and can result in a partnership.

Finding a lead generation company you can trust is important, and making sure that it provides you with the best prospect lists to work with is crucial.

It can be one of the best investments you can make for your business.

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