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B2B Lead Generation Process

B2B lead generation process

Every business lives, survives, and thrives off of new leads.

There’s many ways to go about generating leads, but today we’ll be focusing on the most direct and fast way to execute a B2B lead generation process.

LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn is booming right now. Since the pandemic, engagement has skyrocketed and we’re seeing better results than ever.

This is the process for using LinkedIn, with zero ad spend, to generate solid sales meetings for your business.

Here’s the process:

Optimize Your Profile

When using LinkedIn as a marketing or sales channel, your profile becomes your landing page.

In this sense, your landing page needs to be optimized for conversions. You need to show you’re an expert in your field, and you need to give away free content that educates and builds trust.

Psychologically sound colors and designs don’t hurt either.

It’s critical work on this or you won’t get any results from LinkedIn.

Write Your Messaging

You’ll need a “plan of attack” to make sure your messaging resonates with your ideal client profile.

I suggest a 5-8 message sequence over about a month.

There’s a few rules for this before you go out and SPAM 10,000 people:

  1. Focus on conversational outreach
    Treat this process like dating. Would you ask a random woman/man in a bar to marry you? I didn’t think so. Don’t do this to your prospects. Ask them a question about their current situation that starts a conversation.
  2. Add value
    Once you get an understanding of their situation, add value to it (you’re the expert right?). Provide content, messages, voice messages, and videos to give them direct value – it’ll also establish you as the expert they should listen to.
  3. If it feels right, book the sales meeting
    If they’re a good fit for your product or service, don’t be shy… Drop a call-to-action! Book a sales meeting, get them on a demo, or whatever will allow you to add the most value and introduce your no-brainer offer. Remember, if you make them $1, they’ll pay you unlimited money.
  4. Follow up
    If leads fade into the distance, or it wasn’t the right time – be professionally persistent. Check in and see how they’re doing! Wish them well. Remember, above closing a sale, you want to become their go-to trusted advisor for the problem you solve.

That’s it! Simple right? 99% of people get this wrong in some way. Don’t be one of them! Keep it simple and focus on adding value.

Pro tip: Add cold email to the mix and go omni channel. This will boost your reply rates and show REAL professional persistence.

Try GrowthBoost.

Set up cross channel outreach campaigns across LinkedIn & Cold Email.

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