B2B Lead Generation Process
Kickoff Call
We jump on a 30min - 1hr call to establish initial TARGETS.

Target Results: KPIs and sales goals
Target Accounts: Industry, Sales Triggers, Decision Makers, Strategy

After the call, we will set up your dashboard access & cold email domain, and begin warming up the email address.
Immediately after setting up your account, we begin developing outreach messaging tailored for your ideal prospects.
List Building/Data Scraping
At the same time, our data team will be identifying key accounts and using our proprietary system to scrape contact data. We will send you lists as we build them.
Campaign Launch & Lead Management
Your campaign will generally be delivered within 5 days for approval.

Once approved, we immediately begin sending small batches of segmented emails to test the messaging / market segments. When we see initial success, we double down and increase prospecting activities/sending volume.

You get (in your inbox, CRM, and/or calendar):
a. Warm lead ready for a call or demo.
b. Qualified question, showing interest through asking a detailed question.
We set goals.
We measure everything.
We help you focus on selling.
We perform.

We look forward to filling your sales pipeline.