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3 Ways to Avoid the Spam Folder

avoid the spam folder with cold email

With over 269 billion emails sent every day worldwide, it’s easy to see why spam filters have become a standard feature in every email service in use today.

Without spam filters, it would be virtually impossible for anyone to get to their essential emails without going through hundreds of promotional emails first.

Many spam filters today are very aggressive — and were made so with good reason!

After all, the most common way to spread computer malware and initiate phishing attacks back in the day was through email attachments.

As good as spam filters are at keeping those kinds of emails from ever reaching your inbox folder, it has come at an unfortunate expense for marketers.

The Trouble with Email Marketing

Email marketers today are struggling to reach their customers because of overly aggressive spam filters that flag their emails as spam, or in the case of Google, file them away in a separate “Promotions” tab.

As frustrating as that is, it is possible to bypass those filters and reach your customer’s inbox.

Here are three ways to avoid the dreaded spam folder and keep achieving your sales goals through email marketing:

1. Don’t spam people

We know you’re a legitimate marketer who just wants to promote your company’s products.

In this section, we’re not exactly talking about spreading internet scams and phishing attacks.

We’re talking about how you might be sending too many emails to your subscribers, irritating your customers and causing them to flag your emails as spam manually!

If you promised two emails a week at the start of your industrial lead generation campaign, then stick to that schedule.

Giving up their email address was already your customer’s way of signaling interest on your product or service, so don’t waste that opportunity by turning them away with too many emails a week!

2. Stay away from purchased email lists

Your email list should contain email addresses harvested from credible lead generation databases.

Meanwhile, purchased lists are probably filled with inactive accounts abandoned by their owners after being inundated with spam emails from its first user.

Aside from being a waste of time and money, a purchased list could also land you in legal trouble!

In the United States, customers are protected by the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 (CAN-SPAM ACT), which prohibits Address Harvesting—the practice of obtaining email addresses from an online service.

The CAN-SPAM act prescribes penalties of up to $16,000 per violation.

3. Write like the human that you are

Spam filters screen your emails in several ways, including the contents of your email. If your email sounds like a bot wrote it, there’s a high chance that a spam filter will flag down your email.

Here are two tips to avoid this from happening:

  • Stay away from risky words, such as “free,” “promo,” or “buy.” Instead, try to write more descriptively and in a more conversational tone.
  • Include contact details in the email signature. Information such as social media handles, trunk lines and telephone numbers, or even a company email address can signal to the user—and by extension to the email provider—that the email is coming from a legitimate person.

4. Warm up your email address

If you’re going to be sending cold emails, you need to warm up your email address and make it look natural to your email service provider.

If you skip this step, you will get your account blocked. There’s just no question about it.

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With the spam filter being a necessary evil to keep the world safe from scam and phishing attacks, marketers have no choice but to adopt practices that set their content apart from spam emails.

By using legitimate industrial lead generation tools and writing better emails, email marketers today should be better able to reach their customers and avoid getting flagged down by spam filters.

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