3 Simple Ways to Attract New Accounting Clients

Attract New Accounting Clients

Accounting will always be a necessity in different industries, so there’s not much problem when it comes to building a steady client pool.

The challenge comes with putting your firm in a better position against your competitors so potential clients will choose your services above the rest. 

That’s why outbound marketing plays a crucial role in your overall strategy since it ensures your pipeline remains hot enough to expand, leaving room for your continuous growth.

Setting a responsive and well-designed website is only the first step to getting your firm under your market’s radar; the next is to leverage marketing channels that will invite clients to your virtual doorstep.

Different Outbound Marketing Strategies to Bolster Your Sales 

Tip #1: Strike the Iron While It’s Hot Using Social Media Ads 

Most people use social media for various reasons — be it for work, entertainment, catching up with loved ones, networking, and even discovering new businesses.

This is one of the few channels that can improve your inbound and outbound marketing, but we’re here to focus on how it’s the perfect space to reach your audience for new leads. 

Facebook Ads, in particular, is one of the most effective and powerful tools that can drive traffic to your website and generate the most value for your investment.

For about $300 per booked appointment, this can bump your revenue to thousands of dollars in the long run. 

Tip #2: Don’t Think Cold Emails Are Dead! 

Cold emails & LinkedIn outreach often get a bad reputation since audiences today demand transparency and steer clear from cold, hard sales tactics.

However, it remains just as relevant in your marketing arsenal today!

Cold emails don’t have to sound lackluster, especially since you can engage your hyper-targeted clients by addressing their specific pain points.

Drop the “sales-y” tone and offer something compelling to your prospects. Focus on what your firm can do to ease their problems and incorporate personalized outreach to ensure your email speaks their language.

Tip #3: Set Up Online Conferences, Trade Shows, and Networking Opportunities 

Sometimes nothing beats the sheer engagement you can get when you talk with your prospects face-to-face, but it’s not the best option in a time of social distancing.

However, you can try to shake up the industry and beat cabin fever by hosting Zoom conferences, virtual trade shows, and other online events to help your audience talk about their finances. 

Not only will this boost your brand awareness, but you’ll be offering genuine help to high-intent leads and deepen their trust for your business. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring Methods to Get More Clients for Your Accounting Firm 

The good news is that people — professional or not — will always need accounting in their lives.

Your accounting firm will always play a relevant and integral role, but boosting your marketing efforts is crucial since there are plenty of competitors striving to highlight their services too. 

It’s even better to ensure that your marketing spend is driving results for your lead generation strategy, so working with marketing agencies can ensure your efforts are working towards your goals. 

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