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3 Outbound Marketing Tips to Boost Your Firm’s Lead Generation

outbound marketing tips

When it comes to initiating an outbound lead generation marketing campaign for your business, you can rely on various ways to promote your products or services.

You can target your prospects through in-person or online methods, and what you decide to do will ultimately depend on your objectives and needs.

If, for example, your target market involves eCommerce shops, it may not be the best idea to apply cold in-person methods.

On the other hand, when your customers include physical stores, you can see yourself benefiting from cold marketing tactics.

Keep reading below to find out how to develop outbound marketing to improve your industrial business, gain more customers, and expand your reach, whether online or offline.

You Can Join Online Communities

Joining online communities is not always the kind of marketing method most businesses think of because it’s not as popular as sending direct emails or making phone calls.

The online groups you can think of joining are commonly found on Facebook, Reddit, and other forums.

However, it’s still an effective solution because it offers unique outcomes. Instead of contacting individuals one by one, you’re joining a community filled with potential customers.

But if you want to make sure your lead generation strategy works, you shouldn’t promote your business as soon as the group’s admin accepts your request to join the community.

You want to make a good first impression on your prospects, so for them to like you, you should focus on delivering value before anything else.

Feel your way around the community first, and if someone posts about an issue related to your field, you could offer advice and tips to gain their trust.

Once you build connections, only then can you begin selling your products or services.

You Could Post on Job Boards

Besides targeting online communities, you can also consider looking into job boards.

While it’s a lesser-known outbound marketing tactic, it can still enhance industrial lead generation.

If you’re offering your services to businesses in need, you can find the right people if you learn to look for them patiently.

When you post on platforms like Upwork to showcase what you’re offering, you can expect to receive warmer leads.

That’s because the users who are usually on the website tend to post about similar jobs to what you can provide.

To make it easier for you, you can filter out the results you get and utilize the advanced search settings to narrow down your target.

However, when you use job boards, don’t expect to receive the same results as other outbound marketing strategies because they can only provide limited leads.

You Could Attend Networking Events

If you don’t want to practice online outbound marketing, you may want to attend networking events.

It’s an in-person method of expanding and acquiring more connections.

While the people you meet aren’t interested in your firm now, eventually, when you keep your relationships intact, they could become leads in the future.

The secret to gaining qualified leads through joining networking events is to pick programs related to your industry which you know will be full of attendees belonging to your target audience.

Unfortunately, it may be harder to market your business at networking events, but it won’t hurt to focus on other things such as building your network and thinking long-term.


When you decide to perform outbound marketing to promote your industrial firm and improve your lead generation, you have a shot at growing your reach further.

You can try joining online communities, posting on job boards, and attending networking events.

If you aren’t sure what tactic will work best for your business, you can ask a lead generation company for help.

Try GrowthBoost.

Set up cross channel outreach campaigns across LinkedIn & Cold Email.

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