3 Cold Email Hacks For Better Lead Generation & Growth

Cold email hacks

Many say the classic bullshit line: “cold email is dead”. For top performing marketers and sales pros, however, cold email is filling their sales pipeline every day with relevant, warm leads.

Cold Email Outreach remains to be some of the best ways to ensure robust business growth for B2B companies of all sizes.

It allows companies to tap into hyper specific profiles, including high level executives and decision makers.

Cold email boosts lead generation and fills sales pipelines – this has been proven time and time again.

If you’ve tried cold email and haven’t seen results, it’s not your fault. There’s so much outdated information and so many bad actors on the internet – it can be hard to know where to turn.

With the right strategy, nothing can beat the power of a cold email, especially if you wish to communicate potential opportunities.

So long as you know which obstacles can impede your growth and which techniques you need to refine, you’ll come up with cold emails that lead to better response rates.

This works for SaaS lead generation, industrial companies, marketing agencies, and any B2B company looking to growth hack their way to success. Here’s how to send better cold emails:

Hack #1: Never use standard cold email templates

When reaching out to potential clients, it’s important to be as authentic as possible.

Sending out emails that look just like any other cold email will often lead clients to shrug you off or mark what you sent as another spam email.

A degree of personalization is absolutely necessary in reaching out to people with cold email.

As you send out emails to better reach potential clients, it’s important to provide a sense that you’re starting a conversation rather than hard-selling your products or services.

These days, copying other companies and using publicly available templates will not drive sales.

Instead, you should be working to understand your specific ideal customers and deliver a relevant message with an offer that solves a real business problem.

It’s so important to use your customer’s language, know their specific problems & pain points, and appeal to buyer’s psychological triggers:

  1. Encourage their dreams
  2. Justify their failures
  3. Alleviate their fears
  4. Confirm their suspicions
  5. Help them attack their enemies

Hack #2: Embrace your company’s human side

A cold email cannot feel robotic. It must feel like genuine 1-to-1 human interaction (imagine walking into a bar to meet people).

As stated above, it helps to make it more of a conversation starter than strictly a serious business proposal.

Make sure to avoid the #1 cold email mistake: assuming too much about your prospect.

Remember that you’re reaching out to a person, and they’re more likely to engage with something they can relate to, rather than just another company that wants to sell something.

It’s best to add a more human aspect to your email, such as researched personalization, humor, creativity, and wit.

Pro Tip: Personalize every email with AI

Hack #3: Utilize strategic automation

Writing cold emails with amazing copy and compelling offers is one of the best ways to gain leads, but campaigns always require a certain level of volume to reach statistical relevance.

In other words, your response rates will depend entirely on your capacity to send cold emails with follow ups, and use a psychological flow that resonates with your ideal customer profile.

This can be difficult to do, especially if you’re only a single person managing your company’s inbox.

Thankfully, there are ways to simplify the task.

With the use of automation tools, such as GrowthBoost be able to gather email prospects and send out emails more efficiently.

Bottom Line

Everyone has some kind of idea of how cold email should work, often making it seem like an incredibly easy task.

As you may have probably noticed, however, cold emails are far from simple.

You’ll need to spend time and effort to ensure growth and lead acquisition but be ready to face rejection and the occasional “never email me again!” (par for the course).

Once you’ve mastered your strategy, however, you’ll be able to craft well-curated emails that can reflect your company’s human side and, at the same time, fully automated with the best lead generation tools.

With this solid, tested strategy you’ll be able to grow your business sustainably and quickly.

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